Danube Delta and Dobrogea Plain

Arriving in Bucharest. You will be transfered by bus to Tulcea. The journey will take 4 hours and will allow us to see the fertile plains of Romania.As we cross the plains, we will see our first rollers, shrikes and bee-eaters which give good views on the roadside telephone wires. Arrival in Tulcea - we will board on the floating hotel. Welcome cocktail & dinner.
Day 2.
After breakfast we will travel down on Sulina channel, into the heart of the Delta. Stop at Maliuc. Motor boat exploration on Sontea channel and Lake Fortuna. This lake holds an improssive sellection of birds. Migrating waterfoul and waders as well as white pellicans gather in huge numbers to feed and rest.

Day 3.
While you are still sleeping, the floating hotel will reach the Crisan area. Will stop on "the Old Danube" arm. After breakfast will have a whole day exploration on Madgearu Channel towards Letea.Marsh Harries and Red-faded Falcons may be seen in small groups in their hunting parties. White Tailed Eagles are quiet in summer there is always a chance of seeing one of the two pairs resident in the Delta. We shall undertake shortwalks in the village of Letea. The life style of the inhabitants of he Delta in also fascinating to see.
Day 4.
Numerous common Sand pipers, greenshanks feed along the banks. Lunch on boat. Afternoon will explore with the local rowing boats Lake Cazanel, through a small, less disturbed channel where the bird life is more abundant. King fishers, family parties of Penduline Tits as well as little Bitons can be seen along the reed-beds. Dinner on board.
Day 5.
After breakfast will depart up -stream on Sulina arm towards Tulcea. 6 miles from Tulcea will enter the southern arm of St-Gheorghe and will navigate towards Uzlina where we will be for the next 4 days.
All meals will be served on board. During the day documentaries, films about the Delta, information will be provided by the local guides.
Day 6.
After breakfast will jump into air-conditioned bus and will spend the day exploring the region south of the Delta. Lake Murghiol and Lake Plopul are the most productive sites. After pick-nick will be able to spend few hours in Babadag forest where several species of wood-peckers, hawfischers and raptors such as Boated Eagle are common to be seen. Dinner on floating hotel.
Day 7.
After brakfast will travel by bus to the Razim-Sinoe lagoon complex and will stop at Histria, a large saltmarsh with scattered poofs. Herons, raptors, ducks can be seen in large numbers. With chance we can also see the small population of Dalmatian Pelicans. Pick-nick lunch. Dinner on board.
Day 8.
After breakfast will travel towards the area of Macin Hills. Will explore the forests area of Celic Dere and Socan area where a number of raptors can be seen in flight.
Here lie two beautyful monasteries and we will indulge ourselves with the unique Bizantine culture. Pick-nick lunch. Dinner on board.
Day 9
After breakfast will end our exploration in the Danube Delta with a motor boat ride on Litcov channel that holds an impressive number of birds. We will be back to our flotel in time for lunch. The flotel will navigate to Tulcea where we will be in the evening. A nice walk after dinner will be welcomed on Tulcea harbour explanade.
Day 10
Early breakfast and the bus will take us back to Bucharest just in time for our return flight home.

Practical Information
Seasonal Climate - Romania's climate is continental and warm sunny days can be expected (with temperatures rising to around 25 Celsius).
Personal Expenses - All food and accomodation are included in the price of the trip so the tourists will need extra money to cover drinks and spirits, airport taxes, souvenirs, tips.
What You Need
Luggage - One main piece of baggage and a rucksack for carring items during the day walks.
Clothing - Pack essential summer clothing, although medium weights are needed for autumn. Rainwear may also be needed.Footweat - Comfortable walking boots and trainers or sandals
Equipment - Bring a water bottle, insect repellnt, sun screen and a sun hat. Binoculars are useful for the Delta.
The day-to-day itinerary should be considered a guide only, as to some extent we will plan our program as we go along, to allow for greater flexibility. The propram tends to be determined by prevailing local condition ( e.g. weather, water depth in channels ). The delta is incredebly rich in breeding birds. The Danube Delta comprises a vast complex of reed beds, willow forest, and wetland, crossed by an intricate network of channels. We shall explore as wide a variety as possible of these habitas, both on foot and using a combination of the Flotel and a small motor boat.
Area: 237,500 sq. km.
Population: Approx 23,050,000
Capital: Bucharest
Language: Romanian
Religion: Mainly Greek Orthodox.
Currency: Lei
Banks: 0900-1200 Mon.-Fn.
Shops: 0700-2100 Mon.-Sat.

Price include:
full board
accomodation in two bed cabins
water and land transport
guides, rowers and rowing boats
transfers, motor boats.



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